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Tifani Avery Wiley

Certified Notary Signing Agent 

Wife & Mother of three.

Tifani’s life began in New York City, later relocating to Florida. Fueled by a passion for helping others, Tifani’s professional career began as a caregiver for children and elderly citizens. Soon after, under a mentor’s guidance Tifani worked as a billing office manager servicing children with special needs.


Driven by her unwavering commitment to serving others, Tifani embarked on a journey to become a certified medical coding & billing specialist and a commissioned public notary. Recognizing the power to make a difference in her community, Tifani took the bold step of founding her own enterprise, 'CerTIFied,' dedicated to assisting individuals in her community with the critical process of notarizing important documents and claim processing.


“Knowing that my signature can help a family who has to take on responsibilities when a loved one no longer can, performing a marriage for two individuals in love or, signing a loan for first-time homeowners is very rewarding. This is my special way of giving back to the community.” - Tifani Avery Wiley

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